Subject: CVS commit: src
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: source-changes
Date: 02/02/1999 12:32:28
Module Name:	src
Committed By:	tv
Date:		Tue Feb  2 20:32:27 UTC 1999

Removed Files:
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/config: default.exp
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas: template
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/all: align.d align.s cofftag.d cofftag.s
	    comment.s cond.d cond.s diff1.s float.s gas.exp itbl itbl-test.c
	    itbl.s p1480.s p2425.s struct.d struct.s x930509.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/alpha: fp.d fp.exp fp.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/arm: arch4t.s arm.exp arm3.s arm6.s
	    arm7dm.s arm7t.d arm7t.s copro.s float.s immed.s inst.d inst.s
	    le-fpconst.d le-fpconst.s thumb.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/h8300: addsub.s addsubh.s addsubs.s
	    bitops1.s bitops1h.s bitops1s.s bitops2.s bitops2h.s bitops2s.s
	    bitops3.s bitops3h.s bitops3s.s bitops4.s bitops4h.s bitops4s.s
	    branch.s branchh.s branchs.s cbranch.s cbranchh.s cbranchs.s
	    cmpsi2.s compare.s compareh.s compares.s decimal.s decimalh.s
	    decimals.s divmul.s divmulh.s divmuls.s extendh.s extends.s ffxx1.d
	    ffxx1.s h8300.exp incdec.s incdech.s incdecs.s logical.s logicalh.s
	    logicals.s macs.s misc.s misch.s miscs.s mov32bug.s movb.s movbh.s
	    movbs.s movlh.s movls.s movw.s movwh.s movws.s multiples.s
	    pushpop.s pushpoph.s pushpops.s rotsh.s rotshh.s rotshs.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/hppa: README
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/hppa/basic: add.s addi.s basic.exp
	    branch.s comclr.s copr.s coprmem.s dcor.s deposit.s ds.s extract.s
	    fmem.s fmemLRbug.s fp_comp.s fp_conv.s fp_fcmp.s fp_misc.s imem.s
	    immed.s logical.s purge.s sh1add.s sh2add.s sh3add.s shift.s
	    special.s spop.s sub.s subi.s system.s unit.s weird.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/hppa/parse: align1.s align2.s appbug.s
	    badfmpyadd.s block1.s block2.s calldatabug.s callinfobug.s defbug.s
	    entrybug.s exportbug.s exprbug.s fixup7bug.s global.s labelbug.s
	    linesepbug.s lselbug.s nosubspace.s parse.exp procbug.s regpopbug.s
	    spacebug.s ssbug.s stdreg.s stringer.s undefbug.s versionbug.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/hppa/reloc: applybug.s blebug.s
	    blebug2.s blebug3.s exitbug.s fixupbug.s funcrelocbug.s
	    labelopbug.s longcall.s picreloc.s plabelbug.s r_no_reloc.s
	    reduce.s reduce2.s reduce3.s reloc.exp roundmode.s selectorbug.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/hppa/unsorted: align3.s align4.s
	    brlenbug.s common.s fragbug.s globalbug.s importbug.s labeldiffs.s
	    locallabel.s ss_align.s unsorted.exp
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/i386: all.exp inout.s pushw.l pushw.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/ieee-fp: x930509a.exp x930509a.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/m32r: allinsn.d allinsn.exp allinsn.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/m68k: all.exp bitfield.d bitfield.s
	    cas.d cas.s disperr.s fmoveml.d fmoveml.s link.d link.s op68000.d
	    operands.d operands.s p2410.s p2663.s pcrel.d pcrel.s pic1.s t2.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/m68k-coff: gas.exp p2389.s p2389a.s
	    p2430.s p2430a.s t1.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/macros: err.s irp.d irp.s macros.exp
	    rept.d rept.s semi.d semi.s test1.d test1.s test2.d test2.s test3.d
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/mips: abs.d abs.s add.d add.s and.d
	    and.s beq.d beq.s bge.d bge.s bgeu.d bgeu.s blt.d blt.s bltu.d
	    bltu.s div-ilocks.d div.d div.s dli.d dli.s itbl itbl.s jal-empic.d
	    jal-svr4pic.d jal-svr4pic.s jal-xgot.d jal.d jal.s la-empic.d
	    la-empic.s la-svr4pic.d la-xgot.d la.d la.s lb-empic.d lb-pic.s
	    lb-svr4pic.d lb-xgot.d lb.d lb.s ld-empic.d ld-pic.s ld-svr4pic.d
	    ld-xgot.d ld.d ld.s li.d li.s lif-empic.d lif-svr4pic.d lif-xgot.d
	    lifloat.d lifloat.s mips.exp mips16.d mips16.s mips4.d mips4.s
	    mul-ilocks.d mul.d mul.s rol.d rol.s sb.d sb.s trunc.d trunc.s
	    uld.d uld.s ulh-empic.d ulh-pic.s ulh-svr4pic.d ulh-xgot.d ulh.d
	    ulh.s ulw.d ulw.s usd.d usd.s ush.d ush.s usw.d usw.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/mn10200: add.s basic.exp bcc.s bccx.s
	    bit.s cmp.s ext.s logical.s mov1.s mov2.s mov3.s mov4.s movb.s
	    movbu.s movx.s muldiv.s other.s shift.s sub.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/mn10300: add.s basic.exp bcc.s bit.s
	    cmp.s ext.s extend.s logical.s loop.s mov1.s mov2.s mov3.s mov4.s
	    movbu.s movhu.s movm.s muldiv.s other.s shift.s sub.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/mri: char.d char.s comment.d comment.s
	    common.d common.s constants.d constants.s empty.s equ.d equ.s
	    expr.d expr.s float.d float.s for.d for.s if.d if.s immconst.d
	    label.d label.s mri.exp repeat.d repeat.s semi.d semi.s while.d
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/sh: basic.exp fp.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc: asi.d asi.s membar.d membar.s
	    mism-1.s mismatch.exp prefetch.d prefetch.s rdpr.d rdpr.s sparc.exp
	    splet.d splet.s synth.d synth.s synth64.d synth64.s wrpr.d wrpr.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc-solaris: addend.exp addend.s
	    gas.exp sol-cc.s sol-gcc.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/sun4: addend.d addend.exp addend.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gas/vax: quad.exp quad.s
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gasp: INC1.H INC2.H assign.asm assign.err
	    assign.out condass.asm condass.err condass.out crash.asm crash.err
	    crash.out crash1.asm crash1.err crash1.out crash2.asm crash2.err
	    crash2.out data.asm data.err data.out exp.asm exp.err exp.out
	    gasp.exp include.asm include.err include.out listing.asm
	    listing.err listing.out macro.asm macro.err macro.out mdouble.asm
	    mdouble.err mdouble.out pl1.asm pl1.err pl1.out pl2.asm pl2.err
	    pl2.out pl3.asm pl3.err pl3.out pl4.asm pl4.err pl4.out pl5.asm
	    pl5.err pl5.out pl6.asm pl6.err pl6.out pl7.asm pl7.err pl7.out
	    pl8.asm pl8.err pl8.out pr7583.asm pr7583.err pr7583.out reg.asm
	    reg.err reg.out rep.asm rep.err rep.out repeat.asm repeat.err
	    repeat.out reperr.asm reperr.err reperr.out reperr1.asm reperr1.err
	    reperr1.out reperr2.asm reperr2.err reperr2.out reperr3.asm
	    reperr3.err reperr3.out sdata.asm sdata.err sdata.out sfunc.asm
	    sfunc.err sfunc.out t1.asm t1.err t1.out t2.asm t2.err t2.out
	    t3.asm t3.err t3.out while.asm while.err while.out
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/gasp/mri: embed.asm embed.out exists.asm
	    exists.out irp.asm irp.out irpc.asm irpc.out macro.asm macro.out
	    narg.asm narg.out rept.asm rept.out
	src/gnu/dist/gas/testsuite/lib: doboth doobjcmp dostriptest dotest
	    dounsreloc dounssym gas-defs.exp gas-dg.exp run
Log Message:
Nuke gas testsuite (wasn't updated with 2.9.1, and can be obtained via
third party sources)