Subject: NetBSD master CVS tree commits
To: None <source-changes@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <source@NetBSD.ORG>
List: source-changes
Date: 07/14/1997 20:50:02
Mon Jul 14 13:46:25 PDT 1997
Update of /a/cvsroot/src/sys/nfs
In directory netbsd1:/var/slash-tmp/cvs-serv23604

Modified Files:
	nfs_subs.c nfs_var.h nfs_vnops.c nfsm_subs.h 
Log Message:
Don't assume that pointers into mbuf data remain valid across nfsm_dissect.
In readdirplus, don't keep such pointers but store the file attributes
in a variable instead until they are needed. Change nfsm_loadattr*
a bit so it can accept a direct pointer to an nfs_fattr structure.