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Date: 06/22/1997 20:00:02
Sun Jun 22 12:57:07 PDT 1997
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Hmm- seriously funny and sad bug: you need to directly establish the
clock rate for this board on Alpha/PCI systems. Under x86/PCI, the
board f/w will correctly tell you "I'm running at 60Mhz", so the code
that preserved that across a board reset (which would drop the chip
back to 40Mhz) worked fine. On the 8200, the chip was saying "I'm 40Mhz"-
which wasn't true. This turned out to be okay as long as you didn't have
any FAST or UltraFast targets- In fact, setting the chip to 40Mhz allowed
you to run up to 8Mhz SCSI. Unfortunately you die bigtime on the devices
that go faster than that. The fix here is to only use what the chip tells
you the clock rate is in the cases you don't really know (sbus is the
only case where this could be different, although with 66Mhz PCI coming up,
this may change).