Subject: NetBSD master CVS tree commits
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List: source-changes
Date: 10/16/1996 00:40:02
Tue Oct 15 17:35:49 PDT 1996
Update of /cvsroot/src/sys/arch/arm32/arm32
In directory netbsd1:/var/slash-tmp/cvs-serv7825

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Added generic ARM7500 support. This mainly effects the kernel bootstrapping
code as video memory must be reserved from main memory for the display.
In addition this adds generic support for using DRAM for video memory
on all machines. All video memory accessing should use the video_memory_t
Added support for the RC7500 motherboard. The RC7500 support includes a
replacement init_arm() function. This also supports the RC7500 prom debug
monitor for debugging the kernel boot.
dumps now work so call dumpsys() following a panic.
Added support for the SA110. This mainly consists of making sure the data
cache is cleaned when appropriate and that the instruction cache is
kept in sync during the bootstrap and when signal handlers are built on
the stack.
Use a larger UND32 mode stack if we are configured for KGDB.
Remove KERNEL_PT_KSTACK references as these should have died with the
removal of double mapped kstacks eons ago.
Make sure we call doshutdownhooks() if boot is called while we are still
Cleaned up prototypes declarations.
Sorted out comment indentation.