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List: source-changes
Date: 03/16/1996 22:30:05
Sat Mar 16 22:21:27 EST 1996
Update of /a/cvsroot/src/usr.sbin/config
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fix a bug where definitions to be placed in headers wouldn't be
right/consistent.  If you had something like:

file	file.c		foo bar baz needs-flag

and any one of foo, bar, or baz caused it to be brought into the compile,
in the header you'd end up with:

#define NFOO	1
#define NBAR	1
#define NBAZ	1

even if only one of them were selected.  Other headers might have had a
different (inconsistent) set of definitions, depending on whether any of
their components were included, and any files necessary for the unspecified
options would not actually be present in the Makefile files list.  The
correct behaviour for the example above if only 'foo' is selected by
the config file is:

#define NFOO	1
#define NBAR	0
#define NBAZ	0

which is what config now does.  This bug has been present for a while.
(I don't know for sure that it was present in 4.4-Lite2, but from looking
at the Lite2 config sources, it appears to be there.)