Subject: sun-lamp CVS commits
To: None <>
From: The Source of All Evil <source@NetBSD.ORG>
List: source-changes
Date: 12/05/1995 18:00:07
Tue Dec  5 17:54:45 EST 1995
Update of /a/cvsroot/src/sys/vm
In directory

Modified Files:
	vm_object.c vm_user.c vm_mmap.c 
Log Message:
Extend use of vm_object_prefer() to vm_allocate_with_pager().
Make vm_object_prefer() call MD aligner for "pageless" objects too,
so we can have more control over the virtual address to be used.

Implementation could be simpler if we by-pass the object to mapped, but
we'd loose the ability to adapt alignment to objects that were previously
mmap'ed with MAP_FIXED on.