Subject: sun-lamp CVS commits
To: None <>
From: The Source of All Evil <source@NetBSD.ORG>
List: source-changes
Date: 11/22/1995 12:50:04
Wed Nov 22 12:40:23 EST 1995
Update of /a/cvsroot/src/usr.bin/make
In directory

Modified Files:
	arch.c compat.c dir.c job.c main.c util.c 
Log Message:
Updates for POSIX/SVR4 compiling:

arch.c:		 Don't require ranlib stuff. Not everybody has it.
dir.c:		 SunOS-4 != Solaris; change #ifdef sun to #if sun && !__svr4__
job.c, compat.c: Don't use 'union wait', use int and the W*() macros.
main.c: 	 Check for uname() == -1; some unames return > 0...
util.c, job.c:	 Add signal() with BSD semantics for svr4, don't use bsd
		 sigmask and friends.