Subject: sun-lamp CVS commits
To: None <>
From: The Source Master <srcmastr@NetBSD.ORG>
List: source-changes
Date: 09/22/1994 09:50:03
Thu Sep 22 09:46:11 PDT 1994
Update of /b/source/CVS/src/lib/libm/src
In directory

Modified Files:
	s_expm1f.c s_fabs.c s_fabsf.c s_finite.c s_finitef.c s_floor.c 
	s_floorf.c s_frexp.c s_frexpf.c s_ilogb.c s_ilogbf.c s_isnan.c 
	s_isnanf.c s_ldexp.c s_ldexpf.c s_lib_version.c s_log1p.c 
	s_log1pf.c s_logb.c s_logbf.c s_matherr.c s_modf.c s_modff.c 
	s_nextafter.c s_nextafterf.c s_rint.c s_rintf.c s_scalbn.c 
	s_scalbnf.c s_significand.c s_significandf.c s_sin.c s_sinf.c 
	s_tan.c s_tanf.c s_tanh.c s_tanhf.c w_acos.c w_acosf.c 
	w_acosh.c w_acoshf.c w_asin.c w_asinf.c w_atan2.c w_atan2f.c 
	w_atanh.c w_atanhf.c w_cosh.c w_coshf.c w_exp.c w_expf.c 
	w_fmod.c w_fmodf.c w_gamma.c w_gamma_r.c w_gammaf.c 
	w_gammaf_r.c w_hypot.c w_hypotf.c w_j0.c w_j0f.c w_j1.c 
	w_j1f.c w_jn.c w_jnf.c w_lgamma.c w_lgamma_r.c w_lgammaf.c 
	w_lgammaf_r.c w_log.c w_log10.c w_log10f.c w_logf.c w_powf.c 
	w_remainder.c w_remainderf.c w_scalb.c w_scalbf.c w_sinh.c 
	w_sinhf.c w_sqrt.c w_sqrtf.c 
Log Message:
LIBM_SCCS must be defined for the RCS ID to be defined.
This library will soon be used by DJGPP.  And since memory is often tight
on DOS machines, there is little benifit to be had from including RCS IDs.