Subject: changed files: 'src/lib/libc/string strftime.c'
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From: J.T. Conklin <jtc>
List: source-changes
Date: 04/22/1994 15:11:59
Update of /b/source/CVS/src/lib/libc/string
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POSIX.1 says that strftime() must call tzset() as an application can change
the TZ environment variable while it is running.

Arnold Robbins' strftime() implementation from comp.sources.unix caches
the value of TZ to avoid calling tzset() (it's expensive) unless it has
been changed.  But since POSIX.1 also requires ctime(), localtime(),
and mktime() to call tzset(), I think that it is better for tzset()
itself to determine whether or not to parse a new timezone file.