Subject: Re: changed files: 'src/usr.bin/uname uname.1 uname.c'
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: source-changes
Date: 01/24/1994 14:21:27
> Theo> Modified Files:
> Theo> 	uname.1 uname.c 
> Theo> Log Message:
> Theo> uname more sysv-like, <>
> I think this is wrong.  Both POSIX.2 and SysVr4 agreed with our
> previous behavior.
	Speaking of annoying uname habits... Any chance we could add the
	-p option like SVR4 has so one can get the architecture type?
	i.e. x86, m68k, sparc, ppc, mips... Not POSIX.2 but damn useful
	to know when you are a site with a unified home directory
	structure with multiple machines of N different architecture types,
	i.e. setting bin paths and such is a pain on a per host basis.