Subject: changed files: 'src/sys/arch/sun3/dev if_le.c prom.c'
To: None <source-changes>
From: Adam Glass <glass>
List: source-changes
Date: 11/22/1993 21:28:50
Update of /b/source/CVS/src/sys/arch/sun3/dev
In directory

Modified Files:
	if_le.c prom.c 
Log Message:
Now works with current tree, as opposed to the july 8th tree in which it was
Requires magnum infrastructure now, particularly the clock stuff.
Fails to exec init because the /sbin/init binary
is a sunos binary.  Next step is to integrate sunos compatibility code
from /sys/compat/sunos, and the amiga port.
Does not yet implement MACHINE_NOCONTIG support.

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