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[src/trunk]: src/share/man/man9 adjust description for ubc_uiomo...

branches:  trunk
changeset: 319003:224df3d9e683
user:      jdolecek <>
date:      Sat May 12 15:03:19 2018 +0000
adjust description for ubc_uiomove() to not reference lenp variable (that part
was carried over from ubc_alloc() description), and instead mention the restriction
to ubc_winsize


 share/man/man9/ubc.9 |  18 +++++++++++++-----
 1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diffs (39 lines):

diff -r a6dbc03e48eb -r 224df3d9e683 share/man/man9/ubc.9
--- a/share/man/man9/ubc.9      Sat May 12 14:49:34 2018 +0000
+++ b/share/man/man9/ubc.9      Sat May 12 15:03:19 2018 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-.\"    $NetBSD: ubc.9,v 1.14 2018/05/12 14:49:34 jdolecek Exp $
+.\"    $NetBSD: ubc.9,v 1.15 2018/05/12 15:03:19 jdolecek Exp $
 .\" Copyright (c) 1998 Matthew R. Green
 .\" All rights reserved.
@@ -78,9 +78,7 @@
 .Fa uobj
 starting at offset
 .Fa offset .
-The desired length of the mapping is pointed to by
-.Fa lenp ,
-but the actual mapping may be smaller than this.
 Once the mapping is created, it must be accessed only by methods that can
 handle faults, such as
 .Xr uiomove 9
@@ -89,7 +87,17 @@
 Page faults on the mapping will result in the object's pager
 method being called to resolve the fault.
-The mapping may be cached to speed future accesses to the same region
+Size of individual UBC memory window is limited to
+.Va ubc_winsize .
+.Fn ubc_uiomove
+sequentially creates the UBC memory windows to eventually process
+the whole range according to
+.Fa offset
+.Fa len
+The mappings may be cached to speed future accesses to the same region
 of the object, unless
 was specified in

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