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Re: visit to Berkeley

Quoting Matthias Drochner (

> Hi -
> I'm in Berkeley atm, will stay until Jun 18. Staying in
> downtown Berkeley, without car. There are some social
> activities of the conference I'm attending, but there
> will be time for a beer if anyone has time.
> More urgently - is there a place where one gets a decent
> breakfast (more eggs & ham rather than muffins and donuts)
> around Shattuck / Center Street, which opens before 8am?

Breakfast places open before 8 AM are pretty rare in downtown Berkeley,
but there are a few:

Cafe Clem
2020 Kittredge St between Shattuck Ave. and Milvia St.
Opens 7 AM.

Five Restaurant
Hotel Shattuck
2086 Allston Way near Shattuck Ave.
Opens 6:30 AM.

Au Coquelet Cafe Restaurant
2000 University Ave, between Milvia St & Shattuck Ave.
(510) 845-0433
Opens 6 AM.

Makris Cafe
2105 University Ave at Shattuck Ave.
(510) 843-7653
Opens 7 AM.

If you're willing to walk further, you'll find some other 
choices in the Telegraph Ave / UC Campus area:
Caffe Mediterraneum
Cafe Durant

The West Berkeley area:
Café Leila
Quince Cafe & Grill

The North Berkeley / Gourmet Ghetto area:
Bel Forno
Saul's Deli
Fat Apple's Restaurant & Bakery
Guerilla Cafe

All of the above are decent breakfast places open well before 8 AM.
Bon appetit!

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