Subject: Re: aliens
To: Cherry G.Mathew <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: regional-sfba
Date: 05/29/2007 08:48:45
On May 29, 2007, at 8:12 AM, Cherry G. Mathew wrote:

> On 5/28/07, Jason Thorpe <> wrote:
>> On May 28, 2007, at 9:53 AM, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
>> > How about tomorrow (tuesday) at the Beach Chalet?  I can make it
>> > around
>> > 7:30 or 8.
>> I can probably swing that, but not until around 8.30pm or 9.00pm  
>> for me.
>> -- thorpej
> How about 8pm at the Beach Chalet, then ?
> Can someone tell me how to best get there from the BART station ?

Hm.  It's somewhat far away from BART: 

But... to the rescue.

Basically, take BART to Civic Center.  Take the #5 Fulton bus out- 
bound all the way out to the beach, then walk a few blocks to the  
restaurant[*].  The bus trip will cost $1.50 cash fare (exact change  
required) and will take probably 30 minutes.  If you get to the N.E.  
corner of Mcallister & 7th (which is right by the Civic Center BART  
station) by 7.20pm, you should be good to go.

[*] The bus will drop you off about 1 block from the road along the  
beach (Great Highway).  Walk out to Great Highway and turn left.  Walk  
along the path ... to your left you'll see one of the Golden Gate Park  
windmills and a road that enters the park.  Keep walking; the Beach  
Chalet is immediately after the road that enters the Park.  It will be  

You could also take a cab from the BART station.  It probably won't be  
too hard to hail a cab from the Civic Center BART station.  I think  
there is a hotel at 8th and Market that should be able to hail one for  
you pretty easily, and that area is also in the theatre district.  The  
address of the restaurant is 1000 Great Highway.

I can give you a ride back to BART after we've had our fill of food/ 
beer, but I definitely cannot pick you up at BART in time to be at the  
restaurant by 8pm (I'll probably get to the restaurant around 8.30pm  

-- thorpej