Subject: Re: visiting SFBA May 5-12, 2007
To: Jeff Rizzo <>
From: Tracy Di Marco White <>
List: regional-sfba
Date: 04/30/2007 13:21:05
On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 11:07AM -0700, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
>> On 4/21/07, Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
>>> Tracy Di Marco White <> wrote:
>>>> Jason & I will be visiting the SFBA area May 5-12, 2007.
>>> How about beer on Thursday, the 10th in SF?  Maybe 21st Amendement
>>> again, this time around?
>>> Erik Berls wrote:
>>>> I could probably do that.  The advantage the other place had was they
>>>> weren't as crowded.  However, they were out of the beer I wanted.
>I generally prefer not-crowded, but either of those places seem OK to
>me.  The _big_ question is whether Tracy & Jason will want to come all
>the way to SF from Palo Alto...  (I would encourage it, being the lazy
>sod that I am, though)

I'm told that it's about 30-35 miles.  I'll have a car, but I'm not sure
how much that helps, given parking? 

As for locations, as I just told riz, I only barely qualify as a
developer.  I mostly don't drink.  I don't like any beer I've tried
and I don't much like coffee or tea either.

The only locations I currently can find are the Stanford Guest
House, the SFO airport, and the Googleplex.  But maps are my friend,
and I'm bringing my GPS along.