Subject: Re: relocation/housing advice
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: regional-sfba
Date: 07/01/2006 15:26:40
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Jan Schaumann wrote:
> Hello all,
> So I'll be relocating to the SFBA, and I was wondering if I could
> extract some advice from you guys.  (To make it on-topic, I'd be glad t=
> reimburse you with a few beverages of your choice at the next local
> NetBSD get-together once I'm there. :-)
>  =20

Maybe you'll help jolt us out of our lame-ness.  :)    This list is a
perfect example - check the archives to see how active it isn't.  ;)

> If there's anybody here who has done the relocation from a far distance=

> and would like to share their experience with me (ie what to do, what
> not to do, how the whole thing goes down in general, how you found an
> apt. etc.), I'd much appreciate.
>  =20

Well, I did it, but it was about 13 years ago in a very ad-hoc fashion,
so my particular experience isn't likely to translate well.

> Also, I'd like to live in San Francisco and would appreciate any advice=

> on the current rental market there (Any websites besides craigslist?
> Are brokers actual humans on the westcoast?  How bad of a commute is it=

> into Silicon Valley?).
>  =20

I live in SF, and have commuted to various parts of "Silicon Valley" -
your particular experience is likely to depend greatly on _where_ in SF,
and _where_ you're going to.  I can certainly give some advice, here -
feel free to contact me off-list (or on ICB) for specifics.

The last time I was looking for an apartment (which, admittedly, was
1996), there were some decent listings services where you paid a small
fee to have access to listings in-person or (just beginning at the time;
probably much more sophisticated now) on the web.  There aren't the same
sort of "brokers" that I recall using in (say) Boston, or at least they
aren't used to the same degree.  There is still an _awful_ lot of 'drive
around looking for "For Rent" signs' that can be useful here
(specifically in SF, not so much elsewhere).

I'm sure it's premature, but "Welcome".  Hope your move (whenever it's
happening) goes smoothly.


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