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Re: poin2 chromebook install

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 9:41 AM, Jonathan A. Kollasch
<> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 01, 2016 at 11:12:05AM -0400, fire crow wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> looking for advice porting netbsd to the poin2 chromebook. (
>> it's ARM rockhip based (Quad Core RK3288 / Cortex-A17 / ARMv7) and has
>> a bootable micro sd and usb ports, so the plan is to install the os on
>> a swapable card.
>> on weds aug 3rd, i'm going to do the install at NYCBUG's installfest,
>> so i can get the expertise of the group here in nyc, wanted to reach
>> out to the list in advance.
>> I look at the kernels inside evbarm and didn't see one that was an
>> obvious choice, what kernel would you recommend i use?
>> i'm familiar with x86_64 installs, but this will be the first time i
>> prepare my own install media by cross compiling from
>> anything I should know going into this install?
> There is no reason to expect our RK3066/RK3188 support also works on RK3288.
That's true, I'm hoping the differences between the two are mostly
related to the GPU which is included, and the RK3288 has a 64 bit bus.

> It's inadvisable to begin a port on hardware without an accessible
> serial console interface.  I don't think we even have a frame buffer
> driver for Rockchip yet...
This might be the place to start, thank you for pointing this out.

> I'd start investigating hardware design similarities. If sufficiently
> similar to existing support, adding 'options CPU_CORTEXA17' to the
> ROCKCHIP kernel and netbooting that would be my initial approach.
>         Jonathan Kollasch
sadly there is no ethernet jack :( so netbooting will be troublesome,
I know I didn't choose an easy piece of hardward to start with.

thanks for the pointers


fire crow : +1.917.306.9451

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