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Re: next NYC*BUG: Secure RNGs

On Thu, 13 Mar 2014 12:43:34 -0400 George Rosamond
<> wrote:
> This should be a big-deal meeting:

Indeed. I've heard Yevgeniy talk about this topic at academic
conferences -- anyone who is involved with or interested in secure
random number generators should take the opportunity to learn about
his work.

> The April meeting will be a special event held at New York
> University on TUESDAY, April 1, and NOT Suspenders.  In May, we
> will return to Suspenders for our regularly scheduled meetings.
> The meeting room will fit up to 58 people, so spread the word.
> ****
> April 1, Tuesday - Secure Random Number Generators, Yevgeniy Dodis
> 7:15 PM, NYU, Warren Weaver Hall (251 Mercer St)
> WWH 101
> * Abstract
> We will discuss how to design (and not design) secure Random Number
> Generators. In particular, we will show attacks on
> Linux /dev/random, present first theoretical analysis on the
> Windows 8 RNG Fortuna, and talk about the importance of provable
> security.
> We will follow these papers:
> Recent and relevant blog posts:
> * Speaker Bio
> Yevgeniy Dodis is a Professor of computer science at New York
> University. Dr. Dodis received his summa cum laude Bachelors degree
> in Mathematics and Computer Science from New York University in
> 1996, and his PhD degree in Computer Science from MIT in 2000. Dr.
> Dodis was a post-doc at IBM T.J.Watson Research center in 2000, and
> joined New York University as an Assistant Professor in 2001. He
> was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007 and Full Professor in
> 2012.
> Dr. Dodis' research is primarily in cryptography and network
> security. In particular, he worked in a variety of areas including
> leakage-resilient cryptography, cryptography under weak randomness,
> cryptography with biometrics and other noisy data, hash function and
> block cipher design, protocol composition and information-theoretic
> cryptography. Dr. Dodis has more than 100 scientific publications at
> various conferences, journals and other venues, was the Program
> co-Chair for the 2015 Theory of Cryptography Conference, has been
> on program committees of many international conferences (including
> FOCS, STOC, CRYPTO and Eurocrypt), and gave numerous invited
> lectures and courses at various venues.
> Dr. Dodis is the recipient of National Science Foundation CAREER
> Award, Faculty Awards from IBM, Google and VMware, and Best Paper
> Award at 2005 Public Key Cryptography Conference. As an
> undergraduate student, he was also a winner of the US-Canada Putnam
> Mathematical Competition in 1995.

Perry E. Metzger      

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