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Re: NYCBUG NetBSD Bugfest

On 02/01/11 18:42, fire crow wrote:
excellent, is anyone going tomorrow night?

I'll be there around 7 and for drinks afterwards

It's not going to be a bug-fest. . .

Rather, Christos decided to cater NYCBUG to a top-shelf open bar.

Okay, okay.

We are doing some type of bugfest, but the details are still open.

Suggestions are welcome. . . but some sort of NetBSD-related bugfest.

pkgsrc?  Find bugs?  Resolve bugs?

Part of it will depend on how many NBSD ppl we pull in at the meeting. .. and that means you. The more onsite "mentoring", the better.

Of course everyone is also welcome tomorrow night.


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