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Re: Week-end meeting with a French guy lost in NYC ?

James K. Lowden wrote:
> Just realized you don't get here until the 8th.  How about Saturday the
> 12th, then, weather permitting?  
> James K. Lowden wrote:
>> Guillaume Lasmayous wrote:
>>> I'd love to have the opportunity to meet "live" some of the NetBSD
>>> developers living around New-York.  
>> How does sailing in New York harbor next Saturday afternoon 1:00-4:30
>> sound, possibly with dinner afterwards?  Perhaps Christos could join us,
>> too.  
>> From Grand Central Terminal, take the 4/5 subway to Fulton Street.  Walk
>> west on Liberty Street along the south side of the World Trade Center
>> site, up the stairs, across the bridge, down the stairs, out the
>> building (!) across the street (still west, you should see the river). 
>> Look for boats.  I'll have one reserved and tell you what number it is. 
>> Allow 45 minutes from GCT to the docks, more if you want to gaze upon
>> Ground Zero.  
>> --jkl
Hi James,

Still in the plans ? I can be in NY in the morning, and meet you there
at 1PM. Still OK for you ?
Dinner afterwards ? (I just need to consider taking the last train back
to Poughkeepsie, leaving GCT at 11.12PM.

Any others ?


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