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next week's nycbug meeting


Just wanted to do a little self-advertizing and point out that I'll be
giving a talk at next Wednesday's NYCBug meeting:;SUBM=10226

The talk is entitled "Building Better Tools" and has the following sales

Every System Administrator has his or her own set of tools, programs and
scripts; within every organization, every team of engineers has theirs.
This means that a lot of the software used to maintain the
infrastructure around the internet is written by people who are not
(primarily) software developers. This talk tries to explain how these
people can build better tools: tools that scale well, programs that can
easily be extended, systems that behave well.

While not specific to BSD systems in general and completely programming
language agnostic, this talk focuses on a number of principles,
guidelines and concepts that should apply to virtually any system
administrator`s or engineer`s daily routine.

I believe you can drink BEER not only before and after, but even while
attending this talk, so please stop by!


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