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Re: Thursday July 3

In article <>,
James K. Lowden <> wrote:
>James K. Lowden wrote:
>> I have an unusual proposal.  
>Well, the reponse for the 3rd was hardly deafening, so let's put it off
>until next week.  
>On Thursday July 10, let's meet at North Cove by the World Financial
>Center.  We can take the launch out in the harbor to the floating
>clubhouse just north of Ellis Island.  We can drink and watch the sailboat
>race and the sunset.  If you bring food, we can eat, too.  
>The launch runs on the hour and half-hour and costs $5.  The place should
>stay open until at least 10:00.  There's a full bar but no stout.  
>It really is an excellent way to spend a summer evening.  You might even
>see the green ray.  What do you say?  

Sounds great.


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