Subject: Free Sun Ultra 5
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 05/24/2007 20:50:09
Sun Ultra5: 333MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, no hard drive. Also have 2 mice and a
keyboard. If you're near CT, USA, feel free to come pick it up. I'm in NYC
tomorrow and will be a couple times next week as well. I wouldn't mind taking
it with me on the train down there and have someone meet me where i'll be. If
you decide this route, you must be punctual. I'm on a tight schedule and won't
wait. Otherwise, i'll ship worldwide and accept cash, USPS money orders, Western
Union transfers, or if you have something similar to a FedEx shipping account, i
 could find some forms and put your info on it.

Priority goes to:

1) NetBSD developers with CVS commit
2) NetBSD developers without CVS commit
3) NetBSD users
4) anyone else

Unit appears to boot fine. Can take pics, if interested.