Subject: RE: Change of venue.
To: Miles Nordin <>
From: Yonce, Francoise (GMI Development) <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 10/26/2005 11:18:39
What if we alternate between DBA and a midtown location?=20

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Subject: Re: Change of venue.

I think we should change it to Sunday morning and go to the Sunburnt
Cow on Ave C between 8th and 9th.  They have a $15 brunch special that
includes your choice of breakfast plus unlimited mimosas.  Also, you
can get free vegemite sandwiches, but I've never seen anyone do that.

i'm kidding of course.  I like DBA and especially DBA's neighborhood
and especially DBA's neighborhood compared to the fucking port
authority ugliest-landmark-in-NYC and a place of personal horror, but
seriously anything's fine with me because I haven't been in so
long. :(

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