Subject: Lectures @ Stevens: Open Source and System Administration
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 08/24/2005 05:25:34
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There will be two courses at Stevens Institute of Technology at Hoboken, NJ, 
this fall that may be of interest to you, "Open Source" and "System 

1) "Open Source" (CS765E)

Open Source became popular in public with the discussion about using it in the 
cities of Austin (Texas), Mexico City (Mexico) or in European cities like 
Bergen (Norway) or Munich (Germany). But Open Source systems consist of a lot 
more than the Linux operating systems and other software

Topics covered in the lecture include: Historical background of Free and Open 
Source Software; Alternatives to the Office standard; Architecture of Open 
Source systems; the Open Source toolchain (compilers, GNU autoconf, libtool); 
Manual software installation - configure ; make ; make install and beyond; 
Managing source code with RCS and CVS; License models and their effects; 
Earning money with free software; Source-based packaging systems; Role of the 
Internet in Open Source software; and many more.

Instructor: Hubert Feyrer <>
Scheduled:  Monday, 6:15 - 8:45pm, see homepage for place

2) "System Administration" (CS765D)

Now there you are with your shiny RedHat, MacOS X or whatever installation, 
you've clicked all the buttons that the GUI came with, but you still don't know 
what's going on inside the machine? Fear not, help is at hand! This lecture is 
intended for Unix neophytes who want to know what to do with the system, and 
how, without relying on fancy user interfaces. Experienced users will gain 
deeper understanding in the various subsystems of Unix, their interaction and 

Topics discussed in the lecture include: A historical overview of the history 
of Unix, and why there is no such thing called Unix; the login process - diving 
into the system; tools to use standalone and for process automation; retrieving 
information about the system; Process automation shell scripting with /bin/sh; 
examining system startup and shutdown as application of shell scripts; 
networking under Unix: basics, secure communication, managing clusters of 
workstations; the X Window System; security considerations; using Perl for user 
management in a heterogeneous Unix+Windows environment; software management; 
backups. Focus in examples is put on, but not limited to, Solaris, NetBSD and 

Instructor: Hubert Feyrer <>
Scheduled:  Wednesday, 6:15 - 8:45pm, see homepage for place

Interested parties are asked to enroll at Stevens as Special Students by August 
29th, for all the gory details please see
If this is not of interest to you, please bear with me.

Please send any questions regarding the courses to me via email.


  - Hubert