Subject: RE: OT: laptops [again]
To: 'Roland Dowdeswell' <>
From: Lindgren, Jon <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 03/01/2005 11:29:25
> >So my stinkpad is starting to really stink.  It's basically 
> busted, and 
> >I no longer have confidence in it being a reliable unit.
> I am sure that it is software problems...  ;-)

Nope.  Primary disk doesn't boot half the time - it's just about ready to
die, I think.  The drive bay has gone south - I can no longer eject the DVD
drive or my 2nd HD.  Some keys are becoming a bit tough.  USB sometimes
doesn't recognize devices - and I verified that one through a recent NetBSD
kernel, so don't ya'll be throwin that XP line at me ;-)

It is, unfortunately, seemingly all hardware.  It's enough of a pain now
that I have to work at using it.  I need to rely on my laptop - and I don't
have tons of trust in it at this point.