Subject: Re: PF and Darren Reed
To: Jim Wise <>
From: John Klos <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 03/19/2004 16:42:15
> Well, there we have it, ladies and gentlemen.  If Mr. Klos, at this
> presumably stage in his development not only a.) sees no good reason not
> to hold a mass-murdering dictator up as a source of wisdom in a .sig
> file, but also b.) considers Bush (whatever his opinion of him may be)
> to be `like' Hitler and stalin, I feel safe concluding that no
> reasonable person is likely to take his opinions seriously, nor should
> they.

I think that anyone who makes such generalisations based on a serious
question has some issues to work out. I very seriously asked, "why not",
and all you did was make a dismissive comment.

Are you one of those people who cannot learn from the mistakes of others?
Are you completely ignorant of what these people have done because they
are bad, and therefore whatever information surrounds their existence is
suspect and useless?

Don't be such a dramatist.

> Is that a clear enough expansion of my previous post, Mr. Klos, or do
> you actually think either a.) or b.) is a sane, rational, or defensible
> position?

No. I asked, honestly, "why not". You chose to not answer. And here you
are condecending and dismissive because you are making judgements about
who I personally think are evil.

I was curious because you seemed judgemental about who someone else
decided to quote, but I was happy to give you the benefit of the doubt.
But I guess both your reaction to my question and your lack of desire to
explain why someone might not want to quote certain people just
illustrates that you are, in fact, judgemental and condecending. And
unless there's a real reason for posting comments about someone's quote
aside from being judgemental, don't.

Please don't call me Mr. You shouldn't assume titles for people.