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Subject: Re: Advance notification of beer arrival
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Roland Dowdeswell wrote:
> On 1060095341 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
> "Lindgren, Jon" wrote:
> >
> >Beer will be arriving in your area soon!
> >
> >Please report to DBA's on Thursday evening to take advantage of this
> >fantastic offer! (Not applicable where prohibited by law.  Offer may not be
> >valid in some states.  Offer not open to Virginia residents.)
> Your beer will grow 3+ pints.  Results GUARANTEED!!!!!

*  This is a one time mailing and this list will
never be used again. 
I'm a real person writing to you, and I'm telling you this works...
it a try... You WILL make some serious cash in my pants! 
You may have seen my pants before and
ignored it. I know I did - many times! However,
please take a few moments to read my pants. 
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pants finally sunk in... and it works!

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