Subject: RE: bEEr?
To: 'Roland Dowdeswell' <>
From: Lindgren, Jon <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 07/24/2003 06:51:44
> I believe that dba has not run out of b33r and hence we are 
> obligated to help them reduce their stock.  By my rough 
> estimates and conversations with the staff, we are expected 
> to consume at least 40 pints of beer tomorrow.

Well, you've gotta make your quota or you get kicked out of the union.

> Don't let the side down...

Ahhh.  Subliminal preemptive notification for oral consumption of alcoholic
aqueous solutions.  Yum.

I will attempt to occupy a seat at DBA's tonight, however, certain things
may get in my way.  Fortunately, I have a bottle of Sprite, a pick-axe, and
a really bad attitude, so those things tend not to stay in my way for very

 "Whatever happened to SIGBEER?"