Subject: RE: B33R?!?
To: '' <>
From: Lindgren, Jon <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 06/18/2003 17:31:22
> say our lord is beer then.

I may disagree with you here, and list the virtues of a scotch based lord
(assuming our lord is a deity, not a feudal lord or such):

- Most scotch is formed of earth, water, air and fire, encompassing the four
elements (although I would add cheese as a close fifth)
- "Body of our lord" would really be a wee nip
- Getting soused would be considered a form of worship and respect
- People would worship at bars

I don't think I need to go into the concept of having our lord over ice, as
the true believers would take our lord straight - perhaps with a drops of
water to release our lord's peatiness.