Subject: Re: B33R?!?
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Michael Shalayeff <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 06/18/2003 17:16:24
Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Andrew Brown:
> >> >Tomorrow, Thursday the Nineteenth of June in the Year of our Lord 2003?
> >> >dba?  7 or so p?
> >> 
> >> on what calendar?
> >
> >"of our Lord". iguess the question should be who is
> >the lord of Roland's?
> i'm guessing it begins with a c or an h.  of course, i might be wrong.
> then again, it's a little presumptuous of roland to assert that we
> have the same lord.  this list is not about religious freedom or the
> lack thereof.  it is about beer.

say our lord is beer then.
here is no possibility whatsoever to imagine
the starting point for the years count.
it's obvious that god had a beer when
he realised that it's too dark and he is spilling
the beer and thus turned on the light.

therefore shouldn't this be just Thursday (capital T).
(a little bit of the adventists of the seventh day
it sounds like may ppl forgive me here).


    paranoic mickey       (my employers have changed but, the name has remained)