Subject: RE: Beer
To: None <>
From: Lindgren, Jon <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 06/06/2003 07:39:38
> -blink- and keep the eyes shut for a while. Yes, the good ol' 
> days. Yes, curt is right; the idjit issue gets minimized 
> proportionally to 1 / (nidjits). So if you have n idjits, you 
> are much better off putting them all working on the same 
> problem and watching each-others back.

They found the script.  I've changed the details to protect the #@%#$.

rsh mymachine "cd /dir/that/does/not/exist/ ;  /usr/bin/find . -name 'a.*'
-exec /usr/bin/rm -f {} \;" 

Run as root (as opposed to the user which owned the directory which no
longer existed; p.s. - that user no longer existed, either).

First I laughed, then I cried.  I can't even begin to describe how many ways
that script violates basic tenets of intelligent thought.

Groo, I challenge you to top this story (and will certainly enjoy the story,