Subject: Re: Newbie alert!
To: NY NetBSD <>
From: John Bacalle <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 05/26/2003 19:35:49
* Jan Schaumann <> [20030526 12:44]:
> John Bacalle <> wrote:
> > 2.) Jan was supposed to demo NBSD at February's LWCE, didn't see you,
> > Jan. ?  Was going to grab one of the CDs, as you offered.
> LWCE was in January, and I sure was there,

(There wouldn't have been much discernible difference, had I gone then.
It was dull.)

Wao. I was there during set-up day, pre-opening day, and I was there
serving the whole second day, handing out information, mingling, signing
up folks to the ml's, roaming the entire floor---and I missed you.

I kept looking for you. Hmmm. Unless; looking at this image,

I wonder, were you located at the far side of the .org pavillion,
farthest from the main entrance? IOW, facing the wall. That's -perhaps-
why I missed you, though I still don't get it, I though I'd repeatedly
peered in every nook. Which goes to show you, it's always something.

> most of the time at least.  Evidence:
> :-)

If you didn't have incontrovertible photographic proof I'd say you were
pulling my leg.

Anyway, you have my offer of help in the future for any NBSD event that
would need helping hands. Keep it in mind.