Subject: Re: Newbie alert!
To: NY NetBSD <>
From: leam <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 05/26/2003 13:28:05
(One day I will make sure it goes to the list...go to the list....)

Jan Schaumann wrote:
> John Bacalle <> wrote:
>>2.) Jan was supposed to demo NBSD at February's LWCE, didn't see you,
>>Jan. ?  Was going to grab one of the CDs, as you offered.
> LWCE was in January, and I sure was there, most of the time at least.
> Evidence: :-)
> -Jan

Ah, I was there too! Well, only for a few minutes, to buy a CD set and
answer another visitors question.

Visitor: "What's the difference between Windows and something like BSD?"

Me: "About $12,000."

Visitor (shocked): "You mean it costs that much?"

Me: "No, I mean the average person who knows unix makes about $12,000
more than the average Windows person. At least according to the SAGE pay
survey data."

Visitor: "Really????"

Not sure if he bought a cd set though. I was heading out at the time.  :)

I think last year I donated a badge holder to one of the guys who didn't
have one, and disagreed with the Ph.D there that thought automatic cvs
updating was a good idea.