Subject: Re: Newbie alert!
To: NY NetBSD <>
From: John Bacalle <>
List: regional-nyc
Date: 05/26/2003 11:38:45
* leam <> [20030526 06:53]:
> Hullo, new to the regional list, new to NetBSD, new to the area. In
> descending orders of newness. Besides the archives about beer, what's
> going on?

Hello. As the list is debuting, you're new in two of the three you

There's no option for getting an mbox of the ~10 messages thus far, I
wanted to make a couple of quips in passing in reference to the items I

1.) Perry, you did have [at least] one beer on Wednesday. 8) I was next
to you after a recent Lisp meeting in Midtown, as you downed a
Heineken(?). Some of us bar hopped not too long after, and lost a lot of
guys, that was the last I saw you.

2.) Jan was supposed to demo NBSD at February's LWCE, didn't see you,
Jan. ?  Was going to grab one of the CDs, as you offered.

3.) Thought. This list might be a good place for mentioning (announcing)
NBSD developer apppearances in the NYC metropolitan area. I saw Christos
a few months back at a NYSA presentation, made the trek just to see him,
and learn more about NBSD. Alas, it was only mentioned briefly at the
end of the talk.

Checking NYSA's site ( I see another
NBSD developer spoke recently---Roland Dowdeswell---missed it.  Dang.

4.) Some of the archived postings I read are inside-knowledge filled.
The get together, or two, in Hoboken, elsewhere. If anybody'd care to
elaborate, fine. Or, if it's a closed thing, fine as well.

That's all I recollect wanting to mention; I'm off for a bite to eat.
Happy Memorial Day, gentlemen.

If nothing else I hope something comes of point 3. I'm new to the


John Bacalle          -=(I am looking for a new job)=-