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Re: An Evening on the theme of FPGAs

Sevan Janiyan <> wrote:
>Commercial FPGA development boards can be relatively cheap or they can
>have a lot of logic resources and features, but never at the same time.
>When commercial products with large FPGAs become obsolete, they can
>often be found dirt cheap on eBay. With a little bit of effort, some of
>these products can be reverse engineered and repurposed as generic FPGA
>development kits.
>This talk will show some examples, and discuss techniques that can be
>used to reverse engineer these kind of products.

It wasn't very expensive to get one of these obsolete commercial systems
shipped to the UK. I had seen a link to the speaker's github projects.

Haven't done anything with it yet though, or made any plans to put a
softcore CPU in it that could run NetBSD.

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