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Notes from tonight's meeting

Avoiding GPL pollution using shared components
Lattice iCE40 FPGA
Employee contracts and workplace litigation
cperciva's work on boot speed improvements
Dependency management and service boot order
Extending a CoC to exclude defence companies, war profiteers and those
by association.
Feasibility of extensive platform testing on a cross-platform project
Lowend MIPS64 hardware currently available on the market - Edge router
lite, Creator Ci20 / Ci40, Lemote systems (if you can get them)
cmake pain - GCC 8.1 fails C++11 support test (could be an issue local
to pkgsrc)
Looking to using bsdmake as an adptive tool without resorting to
creating multiple targets for each case
OpenSSL API pain - stub functions
FreeBSD 12
3DFX love
RISC-V based GPU
elftoochain bug
Boris Babyan
NetBSD vs FreeBSD build performance in a VM (NetBSD not doing so well,
OTOH stock NetBSD can boot in a VM with 24MB RAM).
Topics discussed at BSDCam in the past
G+ for corps still a thing
Plan 9 toolchain for RISC-V
Using a platform which avoids a particular problem entirely vs working
with people who think you need to go through and address the problem anyway.
"everybody is deemed an a-hole in some places"

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