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Notes from last night's meeting

Perl regular expression is nothing regular
Luajit 1 is long dead
Macbrew and convenience
Giving up on life & resorting to docker
"Docker didn't work"
Pcre & Exim history
grsecurity PAX drama
Difference in culture among BSD projects & the interesting effect on
approaches to problem solving (in a positive sense)
AMD flaws in Ryzen CPUs
Linking to libgcc as a preventative measure against future compiler
changes which can generate code with calls in libgcc
proposed ifdef dance to resolve build issues in a llvm only env around
the lack of libgcc.
NPF performance
Emigration and visa drama
Bryan Cantrill @ Jane Street - The Hurricane's Butterfly: Debugging
Pathologically Performing Systems's pissup in a brewery
Legacy restrictions, root filesystem to be in the first 8GB of a disk.
Lua bootloader in FreeBSD
Lua 5.4 beta is out
Patterns in Network Architecture: A Return to Fundamentals - John Day
Routing & road layout and the impact on perception in digital networks
the disasters and poor decisions from the past living on to become the
status quo & expected behaviour
location independence
docking ocaml
php virtualbox frontend as a proxmox replacement
packaging luarocks distribution
FreeBSD pkg and its evolution over the years
PkgsrcCon 2018 - Berlin (6 to 8th of July)
mechanisms and build issues, past: emacs, lisp, now: racket
Switching off mprotect to build certain packages
Impressing nvestors by maintaining mediocrity and generating technical
CoCs and trolls

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