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Notes from Monday's meeting

Undefined Behaviour in 2017
Theo is being harassed
Rust vs web assembly vs `something else I've now forgotten`, which one
will save the day this year
Mozilla's development Rust could potentially be as revolutionary as Xul
On the road of getting rid of OS X
FreeBSD on Laptops
NetBSD embedded workshop
Lua improvements including new bindings in NetBSD
pkgsrcCon talks - still looking for talks if anyone is interested
A laptop for each operating system
refit - EFI boot manager
TrueOS improvements and oddities
Moby dicks
npf - Not^W NetBSD Packet Filter
Lua bindings for npf
npf scripting with Lua
Mixing ports and packages on FreeBSD
Tracking the stable FreeBSD ports branch
Fast machine to turn around full builds rapidly for testing
non qwerty keyboard layout & disk encryption password issues in FreeBSD

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