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Notes from yesterdays meeting

Haskell Lens
Using Lisp to test ASLR behaviour
CPU architecture targetted at certain languages in general just trough
mass usage?
AT&T Hobbit CPU (specifically targetted at running C codebase)
Paying for an AT&T KSH license
FreeBSD's usage of tcsh
"TCSH is a wonderful shell for a user"
Conscience & DARPA / Government contracts
DARPA pulling OpenBSD funding
OpenBSD for Power Stations
Evaluating the BSDs to find the one that suits your needs
Phishing training in the workplace
Raising awareness of security issues in the workplace
Trying to get the security team to run the dirtycow exploit instead, as
a test
Hypervisor.framework keeping 3rd party virtualisation software
extensions out of XNU
xhyve / hyperkit
"First pass at reducing the diff between bhyve and hyperkit"
Docker - A consistent means of maintaining a level of mediocrity? search engine boasting security, privacy and no
The number of cameras in and around Liverpool Street station (look up &
Progress on moving away from CBC mode for full disk encryption on NetBSD
Attack possibilites on a disk using CBC mode for full disk encryption
Haskell vs Lisp/Smalltalk/C/C++/Lua
Giving a talk at a Haskell meetup where halfway through you admit giving
up on Haskell & doing it in Go
Enlightenment & EFL vs QT
"24 hours on, my i7 Macbook Air was still compiling QT4"
Speeding up building times by killing features & programs eg switching
off Java support in GCC 4x & 5 shaved many days off (failing) build
times on Darwin/PowerPC using pkgsrc
FreeBSD on the desktop
FreeBSD on the Dell XPS 13 works great
Intel Ultrabooks - MacBook Air/ThinkPad X1/XPS 13
Using privoxy to filter trackers
"I'm not a fan of Lua in Ring 0"
Mill architecture
Social responsibilty to educate the newcomers on the evil deeds of
Microsoft in the past, whilst avoiding coming across as the old person
Microsoft burying Be Inc
Jean-Louis Gasséeée
The Cambridge FreeBSD posse
Leveraging the 5% reserved space for root on a filesystem to continue
Shipping software without logging enabled to reduce the unnecessary
collection of data by default eg web servers such as apache
Moving from avoiding being tracked digitally to real life
Trying to be productive on machine with an ancient release of centos
without root access - use pkgsrc in unprivileged mode?
The time line for SMP support in the BSDs

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