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Notes from yesterdays London meeting

ssh v1 is sometime safer - the script kiddie is looking for v2 in the
banner -
haskell adoption
ocaml shops
haskell vs ocaml
solarflare card support in BSD?
chelsio vs melonex vs solarflare
Kernel bypass networking and virtualised guests
licensed hardware crippled by firmware (IBM licensed memory bandwidth,
solarflare card functionality)
proliferation of components from Plan9 continues
Tanenbaum's books - Operating Systems: Design and Implementation vs
Modern Operating Systems
Master courses with an unhealthy "d o s a g e" of Java
Java is dying (we hoped, missed this yesterday
JVM itself is not so bad
Does anyone else apart from Cambridge Uni do a decent Comp Sci course?
Glossing over OS internals in Comp Science course at Glasgow Uni
The habit of glossing over problems and presenting it as a solution
Docker - a bad idea in more ways than one
The Serverless movement - Shared Hosting 2.0
The effort to realise the idea of Multics continues - ubiquitous &
transparent computing as a utility
Efforts to make the sysadmins redundant - illusions of risk transfer
Oracle Licensing for virtualised guests
How many CPUs would you need to license for Oracle on AWS?
Aside from writing code there are many other factors which come into
play in a successful software project
Auditing code to writing advisories - struggles when your native
language is not English
Dev Summits & Pub Summits
Diverse range of topics at pkgsrcCon 2016 -
The number of instructions needed to boot a x86 system
The benefits of targeting a virtualised architecture - freebsd as a
bhyve guest is snappy
That time OpenBSD got compromised
FreeBSD compromised through SSH agent forwarding
performing security post-mortems
"I've accidentally wrote a Forth for sh3"

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