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Notes from last meeting

Writing MIPS assembly
See MIPS Run book
Covert bitcoin mining on set-top boxes
concurrent conversations about Lua / LuaJIT
DragonFly BSD moving away from pkgsrc
Adding support for a new OS to pkgsrc
The Compaq C Compiler for Alpha not supporting size_t
Being spoilt by the BSD's (not having to do the define dance to enable
the necessary standards)
Obscure HP UNIX variant
Anything worse than Xenix?
Working on kernel bypass
Working for the financial industry (meh) versus working on something
cool and interesting
sailor -
FreeBSD build infrastructure - could do with being able to cross compile
from another OS
Mentoring new commitors
Email noise from phabricator
LibreSSL in FreeBSD base
ppp(8) on FreeBSD links to libmd & OpenSSL
Running an SGI Octane as a primary workstation using OpenBSD/sgi
Uncle Kirk's videos - to
The BSD network stack vs Linux network stack - in terms of organisation
& line count
OpenBSD cleaning up their network stack -
Docker - "a solution looking for a problem" - Paul Vixie

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