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Re: June 19 (and pkgsrcCon)

On 27/05/2014 09:38, David Brownlee wrote:
On the 19th that pub will be full of web people -

Not necessarily a bad thing per-say, but might be harder to find a
table, and much harder than normal to pick out a pkgsrc bod from the
crowd :)

On and "yes" to the "around on the 19th to imbibe alcohol?" question :)

I'll probably be around as well, and I think some of the non-Londonian visitors will be going for some sort of pub visit on Friday evening too.

(I'm open to suggestions for Friday, by the way - I was thinking about the Pelt Trader, but maybe a more out-of-the-way pub that hasn't got quite so many after work people in it might be good...maybe reserve something, even. I'll send a mail about this somewhere this week)



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