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Random old netbsd boxen


I'm in the process of clearing out some old computers, and while I don't imagine old x86 stuff is of interest, I've a few old platforms that can run netbsd, but are probably not worth shipping anywhere, hence looking at regional-london, where dropping them off/collecting them is an option.

I don't know if any of them even run, I've not had them powered up for some time:
* two cats systems, I think one is on an able firmware, the other the original one.
* SparcStation 1+, with monitor (has 13w3 to bnc cable, I think the gfx board has a metal thing to make it default to the "right" mode)
* some risc-pc stuff, with the SA board, and possibly a kinetic SA board (was that the name?)  oh and network boards.  If anyone is interested I can work out exactly what I've got on this front.

If anyone is interested, I'll see if they power up and boot.

Note I'm outside london, in High Wycombe, so West London, M40/M25 area.

Otherwise they'll head to the tip/electronics recycling, rather than gather dust and take up space.


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