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Hello all,

I've already talked about this briefly during our pub meetup (which was nice, 
by the way - it's been a while since I was the least technical person at the 
table), but here is a more official announcement - pkgsrcCon 2014, the 
conference for everyone interested in the pkgsrc packaging system, users and 
developers - will be in London, organised at Middlesex University (in Hendon, 
NW4) by yours truly.

I'd encourage everyone to show up - it's free, and the University has even 
promised to furnish some light refreshments. It's a very good way to meet 
(Net)BSD people, as well as find out what's going on with pkgsrc.

I'm especially looking for people interested in giving a presentation - 
anything even vaguely connected with pkgsrc is welcome. Also don't hesitate to 
diffuse this notice to people you think might be interested. We've got a 
fairly big room!

More information here:

and don't hesitate to contact me with questions, remarks, etc. Also if you 
think about coming or giving a presentation, let me know.

best wishes,


"Then I'll tell the truth. We're allowed to do that in emergencies."

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