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NetBSD beer in London (7th June)

I think its time to take advantage of the recent blistering weather
and to meet up for a cool beer or two - starting next Thursday at
the Bricklayer's Arms near Tottenham Court tube station.

By next week the weather will undoubtedly have turned and we will
have had rain, hail (twice), three drought warnings and finally a
misty drizzle on the evening, but we always have the option of the
rather comfortable sofas upstairs.

There should be at least a couple of us there from around 19:00
(probably earlier).

Users, developers and people who just want a beer welcome!

I'll be the one dressed in black with a (to some eyes comedy)
goatee. In case that's not obvious enough I'll leave some random
small circuit board discretely on the table to make it obvious :)

See you there


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