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mvme68k hardware up for grabs


The time has come for my mvme68k (and one mvmeppc) boards and rack to find a 
new home. I neither have the space, time, nor inclination to make use of them.

From memory, there are four mvme147s (8MB RAM each), two mvme167s (32MB RAM, 
one good, one somewhat flaky), one mvme177 (temperamental), an mvme1603 
(mvmeppc), and an 8MB VMEbus RAM card.

Included in the giveaway will be a Motorola 19" rack with PSU and space for a 
couple of scsi disks, four mvme712m transition modules plus paddle boards, some 
AUI-to-10baseT/10base2 transceivers, and a few bonus goodies.

All this is available free, gratis, no charge, provided you can collect either 
from my home in Leicestershire or from the next convenient NetBSD gathering in 
Cambridge (UK).

Preference will be given to someone who will be willing to run NetBSD on the 
boards. Other than that, first come first served. If there are no takers by the 
end of September the whole lot will go for recycling.


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