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Notes from Julys London *BSD meetup

MacOS X 10.7 aka Lion
ipfiter is out & pf is in on Lion
On-disk encryption in Lion
Wan boot like functionality built into new Macs shipping this month
.net & Microsoft research
Computer history museum channel on youtube
CHM talk by ex Xerox now MS Research employees on the Alto
Wireless input devices & 2.4Ghz fun (not)
Dealing with PCI compliance & "Our security auditor is an idiot, how
do I give him the information he wants?"
Unix Certification
VNC & ARD vs Citrix & RDP/TS
Debian Weezy "Multi-platform support" - we/I? thought this was fat
binary support it turns out to be an implementation of the NetBSD like
build env where you can cross compile with ease + some
UTF8 vs UTF16 - little gained by the bloat of UTF16
MirBSD Korn Shell (mksh) vs OpenBSD pdksh
pkgsrc on interix aka opennt aka SFU aka SUA


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