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Re: [Ukfreebsd] Two BSD technical presentations at 6.30pm, Tues, July 27th, London.

These are the same presentations as being doing at the LOSUG meeting the week before, as some have pointed out. The short notice for
this venue meant that James and Luke happened to be the most prepared.

I've no idea how many BSD enthusiasts are likely to attend the LOSUG
meeting but this is a good practice run for ourselves and as the venue
size is rather limited, it's not the worst thing in the world if the
turnout doesn't involve everyone who might find attending the LOSUG meeting easier.

- Mark

Mark Blackman wrote:

I'm pleased to report that we been given access to some very well
located meeting rooms in London through the kind auspices of David
Flanders of JISC and two presenters have  agreed to present on July 27th,
including *FREE* Beer and crisps for those turning up from 6pm.

*** WHO and WHAT ***

James O'Gorman:

- Comparing FreeBSD Jails and Solaris Zones

Luke Marsden:

- Describing a distributed web cluster using FreeBSD and ZFS, the core
of which will be open-sourced soon at

*** WHEN ***

Tuesday, no later than 6.30pm, July 27th, only 13 days away!

sign up at:

*** WHERE ***

JISC London office, between Temple and Embankment tubes
just off the Strand.

The main entrance to the venue will be locked up tight at 6.30pm on
the dot, so please arrive by 6.30, otherwise you'll need to find your
way to the back entrance which is quite hard to find apparently.

The presentation space is limited to 40 places, so I've hastily
created a sign-up form at

to capture the first 40 signups for these presentations.

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