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Re: tun0 quesiton (_possibly_ openvpn related)

Following up to myself, can anybody help me with the syntax for the route
command when using an interface ?  The man page's:

If the destination is directly reachable via an interface requiring no
intermediary system to act as a gateway, the -interface modifier should
be specified; the gateway given is the address of this host on the common
network, indicating the interface to be used for transmission.

isn't terribly helpful ( to me :-( )  If I want to use tun0 as the route
for the network, could somebody help with the format of the
magic runes ?



On Tue, 6 Jul 2010, David wrote:

> I have a (to me) strange problem, which I _think_ I've reduced to a tun0
> interface question...
> I need to setup an emrgency VPN tunnel (when isn't it an emergency... ;-)
> on a couple of sparc64 boxes running netbsd-4-0.  I've installed openvpn,
> which has *SUCCESFULLY* brought up at tunnel between the two endpoints,
> and I can ping the *opposite* end of the link from each end, run TCP
> sessions across it, etc..
> The problem I have is getting traffic from other hosts on the local VLANs
> to transit the VPN tunnel, and YES, I have created all manner of routes to
> point at the opposite end.  While doing this, however, I spotted one
> oddity, which is where I _think_ that my problem lies.
> While the "client" (in openvpn terminology) end of the link can ping both
> of the tun interfaces created by openvpn, the "server" end can only ping
> the _remote_ end. I suspect that this means the the IP address "server" of
> the server tun device doesn't appear in the routing table, and therefore
> never becomes available to route traffic.
> Any suggestions, comments, help, etc. gratefully received ;-)
>                                     VPN
>                   +--------+  +--------+
> ---+ client +------------------+ server +---
>                   +--------+ .2            .1 +--------+
> Thanks,

David Sheryn    <>

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new
 discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny....'" -- Isaac Asimov

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